hanne lydia




Haugar, Vestfold Art Museum, 27. September – 30. December 2008.


By Daniel Østvold


Kristoffersen (born 1964) works with large-sized drawings. Some of her works reflect tension between the accepted and the non-accepted, especially in a series of portraits where the accessories surprise you. The drawings in this exhibition come from her exhibition in Tegnerforbundet 2007. My - and obviously Tommy Olsson’s, the author of the catalogue’s, – first thought was that one of the drawings portrayed a young woman dressed in face-covering hijab. When you looked more closely the  presumably oriental textiles turned out to be briefs from a well-known chain-store. In other words, Hanne L. O. Kristoffersen focuses on communication, more specifically on whether the anticipation of the audience is to be met or not. Her drawings in  REAL come from the already mentioned exhibition, where the key to communication is connected with gender, culture and identity. In these portraits she has used herself as a model, wearing a headdress that therefore at first glance may be associated with women’s covering of their faces. A covering that refers to a present and at the same time partly foreign culture and religion. Our possible prejudices are confirmed, only to evaporate when we see what the drawings actually represent. An interesting approach may be possible connections between the two forms of, seemingly polarized, headdresses….

In addition to her themes, Kristoffersen’s works show a high level of craftsmanship and aestheticism, with many different references within historical and modern portrait art, from Albrecht Dürer to Katia Boudarel.


Hanne L.O.kristoffersen is educated at Konstfackskolan (The School of Arts and Crafts), Stockholm; Kunstakademiet (The Academy of Fine Arts), Trondheim and Kunstskolen (The Art School) in Kabelvåg. She has exhibited her work separately in, among others, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Tromsø Art Center, Akershus Art Center, Kunstverket, Oslo, and Kunstverein auf dem Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin; and participated in, among others, The National Annual Exhibition  of the Visual Arts, Oslo; The Annual North Norwegian Exhibiton, The Trøndelag Exhibition and The Drawing Biennial in Stenersen Museum of Visual Arts, Oslo.









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