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Northward, by the sea, by Tommy Olsson, catalouge, BELONGING, Graamolna, Trondheim Museum of Art, 17.2 - 24.4 2011

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Real, young norwegian realism, text by Daniel Østvold, Haugar, Vestfold Museum of Art, catalouge, 2008.

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Norwegian Art Yearbook 2007

Take it in hand and make something of it, text by Tommy Olsson, catalouge 2007.

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Text by Hanne L. O. Kristoffersen.

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Selfportraits with boxer, Man Basic”, text by Ingvild Johnsen. Tro. Argument, # 1, 2007. Magazine

The Women, text by Asbjørn Larsen Virkelig, # 1, 2007, Magazine

The Drawing Biennial 2004, catalouge. Riksutstillingene / The Norwegian Drawing Assossiation

Violence, DIN, magazine for culture and religion, 2003, Magazine

Private violence and other boring stories, Kunstverket, Oslo, may 2003. Catalouge text by Astrid Renland.

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Marked for life. Exhibition of violence against women, Dagbladet, 2003, by Siw Grindaker.

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Allmenningen, det urbane fristed, Enlightenment - Illumination, by Jorunn Haakestad, Bergen byformsenter, report from a city of culture, 2000.

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Hjemløshet, Outside home, Synliggjøring, Illustrating the invisible”, by Randi Nygaard Lium. 2000,

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Shelter, catalouge. Trøndelag Art center / Nordenfjeldske Museum of Arts and Crafts / KIT. 1997.

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1993, 1994, 2001, 2006, The National Annual Exhibition of the Visual Arts, NO, catalouges


Motvillig sårbart, Solveig Lønmo, Adressavisen, 26.2, 2011

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Tildekkede selvportretter, Gustav Svihus Borgersen, ArtSceneTrondheim.no, 9.3.2011

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Avsløret, tildekket, åpen og hemmelig Sissel M. Bergh, Billedkunst, # 2 , 2011

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Drawings that grip you,Kari Brantzæg, Dagbladet, 2008,

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Identity in a piece of underwear, Lars Elton, VG, 2008,

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Nye takter i tiden, Real, young norwegian realism, Grethe Hald, Tønsberg Blad, 2008

Images of a citizen, Line Ulekleiv, Kunstkritikk.no, 2007.

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Sart versus hardtslående i Tegnerforbundet, Mona D. Gjessing, Billedkunst, # 2, 2007

Panties and threats, Harald Flor, Dagbladet, 2007,

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Drawings on the right track, Truls Ramberg, Aftenposten, 2007,

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Det er noe med formatene, Trond Borgen, Stavanger Aftenblad, 2004

Bergenserindenes skjødesynd, Eva Furseth, Bergens Tiedene, Billedkunst # 6, 2000

Hjemløs i Trondheim, Kari Mørkved,  Morgenbladet, 2000






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