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Ich heiratete........(I got married)

This represents eleven generations of people. They all take part of a chain, if you remove one joint, the present - and the past, would not have been the same. Except from the beginning of the chain, which originates in Germany, most men and women that constitutes it, lived and lives in the north of Norway. In a commune called Troms, beyond the polar circle, they settled on islands, where the Gulf stream made the ocean mild enough to allow a life.

The project was shown in Berlin at Kunstverein auf dem Prenzlauerberg from 28/2 - 30/3 1998. It consisted of 61 red lights, 61 text cards representing 61 people from a family tree, ten links from the origin up to today. This project is reconstructed for the net, read as the names written in bold letters being the main links. The other names are brothers / sisters or children of the links. In this recent edition one name needed to be added, a name that history forgot. The source are partly the book "Slekten Figenschou" by Hulda Figenschou, 1987, partly the spoken word. To be altered and continued.............


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Kunstverein auf dem Prenzlauerberg, Berlin (GE) 1998.

Installation outdoor.

61 red lights, 61 text boards.






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Ich heiratete....