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Elias Fiigenschoug


- Elias Fiigenschoug, painter (contrafeier), b.approx. 1599, d. approx. 1660 in Bergen, son of the Royal Saddlemaker Hans Figenschow from Hindelange in south Germany, later living in Copenhagen, married to Anne Christensdatter Bloch,b. approx. 1620 (daughter of a bailif from Salten, Christen Jenssøn Bloch d. approx. 1636 and wife Berthe Andersdatter.) After Elias Fiigenschous death she was left with six small children and married for the second time to Ole Ottesen, firstmate, Nordeidet, Karlsøy, originally from Trondheim. Widow from 1667. Married to Lauritz Hanssøn Løfberg, bailif in Troms 1669-1689 with place of residence in Nordeidet, later Karlsøy. Together Anne and Elias had six children :C atarina, Ermegard, Hans, Mathias, Elias and Jeremias. The son Jeremias Eliassen Figenschou, Kvitnes at Karlsøy,became anchester to the big Figenschou family in Troms.

Jeremias Eliassen Figenschou


- Jeremias Eliassen Figenschou, b. 1/12 1655 in Bergen, d.1735. Merchant and Freightskipper at Kvitnes in Karlsøy, North Troms. It is said that the first house he lived in, was not larger than if he touched the walls with his head one way and his legs the other. Even so he was a well kept man. Besides his own children, he had six fostersons and kept four young male helpers. One assumes that he ran a very significant trading buisness. He became eighty years old. Married three times: to Anne Høyer, b. 16.... in Bergen. 2 sons from this marriage. Married to Maren Torgersdatter, b. 16... in Bergen, d. approx. 1715. 4 children. Married for the third time to Margrethe Pedersdatter, b. 1679, Bergen, d. 1751, 2 sons from this marriage. After the death of Jeremias, Margrethe ran the buisness and Jekte factory for several years alone, until her son Hans Juul took over.

Elias Figenschou


- Elias Figenschou, b..., d. 12/2 1772, Bergen. First son of Jeremias Figenschous first marriage with Anne Høyer. He is mentioned in 1718 were he is said to be "a skipper from Tromsen ". Married in 1709 to Mette Jørgensdatter Ermeler, born approx. 1685, buried 3/9 1757, in Bergen. Daughter of Jørgen Ermeler and Marie Fransdatter Cincler. His six children:

Maren Eliasdatter Figenschou


- Maren Eliasdatter Figenschou, b. approx. 1710, married in Bergen Cathedral 23/3 1739 to Johan (Jan) von Busch, first mate. 5 children: Anna von Busch, christened 2/10 1740, buried 18/10 1741. Anna Elisabeth von Busch, christened 17/10 1741. Mette Catharina von Busch, christened 4/12 1744, buried 30/3 1789 in Aurland. Married to Magnus Christophersen Wigeboe, d. 1800, vicar. Christina Alida von Busch, christened 29/9 1746, d. 1774. Married to Sivert Iversen. Elias von Busch, christened 8/8 1749.

Jørgen Figenschou


- Jørgen Figenschou, b. approx. 1713, d. between 1722 and 1735.



- Unknown. Buried in Bergen Cathedral 28/8 1715.

Anne Elisabeth Figenschou


- Anne Elisabeth Figenschou, b. 1716, buried in Bergen Cathedral 16/3 1733.

Catarina Figenscou


- Catarina Figenscou, b. 1718, buried 8/9 1724.

Jeremias Figenschou


- Jeremias Figenschou, christened 25/9 1720, d ...Mate on a ship engaged in foreign trade "travels from Holland to India", married 11/3 1745 to Maria Elisabeth Hach, christened 1725 in Nykirken. Unknown number of children.



- Unknown. Second son from Jeremias Figenschous first marriage to Anne Høyer. It is believed that he traveled to Arkangelsk in Russia, settled there, and which his fate is further unknown.

Torgeir Figenschou


- Torgeir Figenschou, b. 1687, d. at early age.

Catharina Figenschou


- Catharina Figenschou, b. 1688, Kvitnes, buried 24/6 1766, Lyngen. Married to Johan (Jan) Reinertsen Wormhuus, b. 1686, buried 14/8 1748, Karlsøy. Shopkeeper at Rødegammen. He originated from german stock, from Bremen. Johan came to a sad end, it was written in the church register that he "in fury killed himself with a fishingtool". After her husband´s death, Catharina moved to live with her daughter and son inlaw at Kobbenes in Kjosen, where she lived until her death, 78 years of age. According to the church register, she was buried at the same time as her 45 year old daughter, Lisbet. Catharina Figenschou Wormhuus became ancestress to the Kjosenbranch of the Figenschou family. She had six daughters, and probably a son: Maren Johansdatter Wormhus, b.1709, d.1754. Married to Hans Mortensen Heggelund,b.1705, d.1747,2 children.Ingeborg Johansdatter Wormhus, b. 1706, d. 1801. Married to Niels Johansen Berg, b.1712,d.1785, 10 children. Wiveke Johansdatter Wormhuus, b. 1717, d. 1762. Married to Erich Lorch, b.1718, d.1781, 7 children.Lisbeth Johansdatter Wormhuus, b.1721, d. 1766. Catharina Johansdatter Wormhuus, b.1722, d. 1741, Anna Elisabeth Wormhuus,b.1721.

Anne Jeremiasdatter Figenschou


- Anne Jeremiasdatter Figenschou, b. approx. 1685, d. 1763. Married to Sven Erichsen, born 1668, d. 1702. Local merchant. 2 children. Second time married to Michel Helgesen, Helgøy. d 1729. Local merchant, 1 child. Married the third time to Jørgen Jørgensen, Helgøy. d. 1762. Local merchant from Reinsvoll, no children. Children from the first marriage: Erich Svendsen, b.1709, d. approx. 1763. Married, 1 child. Torgeir Svendsen, b. approx. 1706. Children from second marriage: Elias Michelsen Figenschou, b. 1724, d. 1793. Married to Maria Torstensdatter Heggelund, b. 1720, d. 1747, 1 child. Married 1749 to Ranni Evensdatter Opdal, d. 1789, 2 children.

Hans Jeremiassen Figenschou


- Hans Jeremiassen Figenschou, b 1691. In 1710 he was a godfather in Karlsøy church for Torchel Renholtsøns child Erik, but later he is not mentioned. Supposed dead at early age. This assumption is being strengthened by the fact that the younger son of Jeremias Eliassen Figenschou was also given the name Hans.

Hans Juul Figenschou


- Hans Juul Figenschou, b. 1720, Kvitnes, d. 3/4 1756 in an accident at sea. Merchant and Freightskipper, Kvitnes. He ran a Jekte factory in Vannvåg he took over from his brother Peder. After his mother´s death in 1751, Hans moved to Kvitnes and took care of both farms together with trade and Jekte factory. Both brothers died in "a pitiful and misfortunatet event at sea". Hans was the anchestor for the Kvitnesbranch of the Figenschous family in Troms. Married in 1749 to Rebekka Mortensdatter Heggelund, b. 18/4 1722, Bratrein, d. 20/6 1788, Kvitnes. She remarried in 1758 to Abraham Lockert, b.1730, d. 1769. Hans and Rebekka had 4 children: Margrethe Figenschou, christened 1/11 1750, buried 22/8 1751, 10 months, 4 days. old. Margrethe Hanna Figenschou, christened 25/121751, d.16 weeks and 3 days old. Jeremias Figenschou, b.19/3 1753, Kvitnes, d. 11/6 1793. Shopkeeper and innkeeper at Kvitnes. Took over from his stephfather after the mother alone had run the trade and Jekte factory until 1780. In 1782 married to Anna Rebekka Mühlenport Heggelund,christened 1763, d.1850.( Married in their home after been given royal licence) 4 children. He suffered a sudden death after a fall from his boat. She remarried the in 1797 to Peter Harboe Holst, b.1763, d.1808. Anne Margrethe Figenschou, b. 30/3 1755, d.1770.

Peder Jeremiassen Figenschou


- Peder Jeremiassen Figenschou, b.1714, Kvitnes, d. 1756. Anchester to the Helgøygbranch of the Figenschou family. A local merchant and Freightskipper in Grunnfjord. He was a well kept man. Ran a Jekte factory together with his brother Hans Juul Figenschou. He was lost at sea together with his brother and five other men in "a pitiful and misfortunatet event at sea". Married in 1742 to Cathrine (Trine) Nilsdatter Lemming, b. 1722, d. 1784, ancestress to the Helgøybranch of the Figenschou family. Daughter of Nils Nilsen Lemming jr. and wife Hanna Sørensdatter Heggelund, Nordre Grunnfjord. Together they had 9 children. After Peders death, Trine remarried Alexander Torbensen Dannefær Gamst. Together they had 1 daughter, Abel Cathrine Dannefær Gamst, d. 1795, married to Rasmus Jensen Trane, b. 1751, d. 1836. Skipper, Grunnfjord. Together they had 5 children. Rasmus was married the second time to Anne Kaurin, daughter of the priest of Karlsøy, E. H. Kaurin. Took over trade and Jekte factory after Peder Figenschou. The 9 children of Peder and Trine:

Margrethe Marie Figenschou


- Margrethe Marie Figenschou, b.1743, d. 1778. Married to Jacob Klingenberg, parish clerk in Karlsøy, Troms. Two sons: Peder Klingenberg, b. 1772, d. 1793. Jacob Klingenberg, b. 1776, d. 1793.

Jeremias Pedersen Figenschou


- Jeremias Pedersen Figenschou, b. 1745, d. 1747, two years old.

Anna Catharina Figenschou


- Anna Catharina Figenschou, b. 1746, died at early age.

Nille Severina Figenschou


-Nille Severina Figenschou, b.1749, d. 3/11 1836. Married to Lars Sørensen Heggelund, b.1726, d. 1806, skipper and farmer. He was first married to Anne Meldal Andersdatter Kiil, b. 1736, d. 1769. They had 5 children: Ane Malena, b. 1760, married to parish clerk Jacob L. Klingenberg, later to parish clerk Morten Mortensen Heggelund. Aleth Kiil, b. 1762, and Ingeborg Martha, b. 1763, both married to freightskipper and merchant Søren Martinus Heggelund. Friderica Kiil, b. 1766, unmarried. Birgitha Cathrina Crantz. b. 1769, married to Ole Olsen Stakkengen. Nille and Lars had 13 children: Anne Meldal Heggelund, b. 1773, d. 1844, married to Søren Lorentzen Indahl, b. 1761, d. 1827, 7 children. Søren Christian Larsen Heggelund, b.1 774, d. 1802, married to Cecilie Catharina Fabritsius Lorentzdatter, b. 1767, d. 1856, 3 children. Remarried Johan Hysing Grimlund, b.1780, d.1828. Petrica Catharina Larsdatter Heggelund, b. 1785. Married to Ole Thommesen, 6 children. Hanna Margrethe Larsdatter Heggelund, b. 1787, married to Olaus Lorentz Indahl, b. 1765, d. 1833. Aleth Malena Larsdatter Heggelund, b. 1789, d. 1797. Alexander Gamst Heggelund, b. 1791, d. 1845. Married to Synnøve Hansdatter, b. 1793, d. 1870. Daniel Hveding Heggelund, b. 1795, d.1816. The 6 remaining children died young.

Elias Pedersen Figenschou


- Elias Pedersen Figenschou, b. 2/11 1750, Helgøy, d.1831, farmer and fisherman, Grunnfjord. Married to Ingeborg Margrethe Guldager Heggelund, b. 1745, d. 1834, 7 children: Nille Severina Eliasdatter Figenschou, b. 1771, married to Morten Larsen Heggelund, b.1760, d.1795, 2 children. Peder Eliassen Figenschou, b. 1773, Helgøy, d.1855. Farmer and fisherman. Married to Margrethe Marie Klingenberg, b. 1781.1 child. Married to Anne Meldal Klingenberg, b.1789, d.1855, 4 children in second marriage. Both wives´ daughters of parish clerk Jacob Klingenberg. Abraham Lockert Figenschou, b. 1775, d.1849, fisherman. Married to Trine Lemming Figenschou,b.1773, d. 1808, his cousin. 3 children. Married to Hedvig Andrea Olsdatter, b. 1872, d. 1847. 7 children. Trine Lemming Figenschou,b.1777, d.1845. Married in 1799 to Hans Kaurin Bull, b.1779, d.1850, farmer, 9 children. Inger Eliasdatter Heggelund, b.1778, d. 1845. Married to Peter Johan Rubbertsen Crantz, b. 1732, farmer. 5 children. Hans Heggelund Figenschou, b. 1779, d. 1864. Farmer and fisherman. Married to Mette Marie Trane, b. 1782, d. 1807. Married the second time to Ingeborg Sørensdatter, b.1787, d.1877, 2 children. Alexander Gamst Figenschou, b. 1781, d.1866. Married to Hanna Margrethe Trane, b.1788, d.1836.

Hans Christian Figenschou


- Hans Christian Figenschou, b. 1752, dead young.

Nils Andreas Figenschou


- Nils Andreas Figenschou, b. 21/11 1753, buried 2/11 1753.

Petrica Catharina Figenschou


- Petrica Catharina Figenschou, b. 18/5 1755, d. 1756.


Jeremias Pedersen Figenschou


- Jeremias Pedersen Figenschou, b. 1748, d. 17/11 1825. Farmer and skipper, Hessfjord. Married in 1772 to Anne Margrethe Hansdatter Heggelund, b. 1748, d. 1807, daughter of Hans Sørensen Heggelund, Bakkeby. Together they had 10 children:

Trine Lemming Figenschou


- Trine Lemming Figenschou, b. 1773, d. 1808.

Peder Jeremiassen Figenschou


- Peder Jeremiassen Figenschou, b. 1775, Karlsøy, d. 27/6 1841. Farmer and fisherman. Married to Elen Kristina Hagen, b. 1784, 10 children: Anne Margrethe Heggelund Figenschou, b. 1805. Married to Leontius Bye, b. 1805, Hessfjord, later Tromsø.7 children: Nille Christine Hagen Figenschou, christened 8/9 1807. Hans Paul Hagen Figenschou, b. 1811, d.1851. Farmer and fisherman. Married to Ane Grethe Øderup Indahl, b. 1803. 4 children, two stillborn twins 1813. Jeremias Pedersen Figenschou, b.1814, d.1870. Fisherman. Married to Anne Lovise Ephraimsdatter, 9 children Married to Dorthea Henriette Nubdahl.4 children from second marriage. Married in 1863 to Martha Margrethe Gartner Heggelund, b. 1833, d. 1911. Wilhelmine Walin Figenschou, b. 1817, d. 1846. Married to Peder Hanning Indahl, b.1817, d. 1895, 4 children. Remarried Anna Thea Birgitte Figenschou, b. 1824. Marcelie Cathrine Heide Figenschou, b. 1821, d. 1861. Married to Hans Abraham Figenschou, b. 1808, d. 1854. Farmer and fisherman. 9 children. Married for the second time to Nicolay Andreas Blikfelt, b. 1826, Tromsø, 2 children. Married the second time to Jensina Magdalena Catrina Figenschou, b.1823, Karlsøy. Peder Martin Benedictus Figen schou, b. 1826, d. 1882. Married to Inger Anna Olsdatter Heggelund Bugge, b.1834, d.1922.

Alexander Figenschou


- Alexander Figenschou, b. 1778 Karlsøy, died five days old.

Hans Figenschou


- Hans Figenschou, b. 1779, Karlsøy, buried 25/12 1783, four years old.

Inger Margrethe Figenschou


- Inger Margrethe Figenschou, b. 1781, buried 25/12 1783, two years old.

Alexander Dannefær Gamst Figenschou


- Alexander Dannefær Gamst Figenschou, b. 1783, buried 25/12 1783, half a year old.

Hans Heggelund Figenschou


- Hans Heggelund Figenschou, christened Maundy Thursday 1785, d.1808, twenty four years old. Whit Monday 1808 he held a speach in the funeral of young bachelor Hans H. Figenschou, Hessfjorden

Jeremias Jeremiassen Figenschou


- Jeremias Jeremiassen Figenschou, b. 1786, Karlsøy, d. 18/10 1835. Farmer and fisherman, Gamnes. Married to Adriane Pedersdatter Falch, b. 1803, 4 children: Anna Thea Birgitte Figenschou, b. 1824. Married in 1850 to Peder Hanning Indahl, b. 1817, d. 1895, farmer and fisherman. 6 children. He was married the second time to Wilhelmine Walin Figenschou, b. 1817, d.1846. Johan Peder Figenschou, b. 1827. Elias Peder Figenschou, b. 1831. Married in 1865 to Inger Petrine Eliasdatter Figenschou. 7 children. Johanna Ingbordina Figenschou, b. 1836. Married in 1858 to widower Peder Amundsen, b. 1813, farmer.

Lorentz Indahl Figenschou


- Lorentz Indahl Figenschou, b. 1788, Karlsøy, d. 29/6 1833. farmer and fisherman at Nygård, later Gamnes in Karlsøy. Married in 1823 to Anne Grethe Øderup Indahl, b.1803, daughter of Søren Lorentzen Indahl, Reinsvold and wife Ane Meldal Heggelund. After the death of Lorentz married to Hans Pauli Figenschou, b. 1810, d. 1851. 4 children: Ane Meldahl Figenschou, b. 1823. Married in 1847 to Morten Jacobsen Heggelund. Five children Morten Martin Heggelund Figenschou, b. 1826, d. 1862. Married in 1853 to Leonora Emilie Larsdatter, b. 1828, d. 1893. 3 children. Cicilia Indina Lorentzdatter Figenschou, b. 1829. Henriette Lorentzdatter Figenschou, b.1831.

Lars Heggelund Figenschou


- Lars Heggelund Figenschou, b. 1790, Karlsøy, d. 1852. Farmer and fisherman in Hessfjord. Married in 1816 to Anne Margrethe Andersdatter, b. approx. 1783, christened 1784, Tromsøysund, d. 12/2 187... Daughter of Anders Sørensen, Tisnes, and Susanne Nilsdatter, Tennes. Lars and Anne Margrethe had 5 children:

Trine Margrethe Lemming Figenschou


- Trine Margrethe Lemming Figenschou b. 13/6 1819, d. 27/8 1875. Married to Anders Selquist, b. 1809, Torneå, Sweden. They had sixteen children: Carl Lauritz Selquist, b.1839, d. approx. 30 years old. Teacher. Amalia Christina Selquist, b. 1841. Anna Claudine Selquist, b.1845. Fredrik Vilhelm Selquist, b. 1847, d. 1853. Edvard Selquist, b. 1848. Hanna Olina Selquist, b.1851. Fredrik Martin Vilhelm Selquist, b. 1853. Hans Selquist, b.... Henriette Selquist, b. 1855. Edvard Selquist, b. 1858. Anders Nicolai Selquist, b. 1858, dead the same year. Edvard Selquist, b. approx. 1858. Emilie Selquist, b.1860. Ragnar Selquist, b. .... Margrethe Selquist, b.... Anders Hagbart Selquist, b. 1865.

Benoni Hammer Figenschou


- Benoni Hammer Figenschou, b. 1821, Karlsøy, d. 30/8 1896. Farmer and fisherman, Hessfjord. Married in 1845 to Anne Maria Andreasdatter, 1 child. Married in 1857 to Johanne Henriette Holst, b. 25/6 1832, d. 16/9 1912, 5 children. Albine Marie Figenschou, b. 1848, married in 1872 to Johan Andreas Holst, b. 1842, farmer and fisherman ( brother of his wifes steph mother ) 5 children. Lars Heggelund Figenschou, b.1858, d. young. Anna Marie Figenschou, b. 1859, d. 1923. Married in 1889 to Fredrik Cornelius Olsen, b. 1863, d. 1940. Fisherman and church sexton, Helgøy, 8 children. Johan Andreas Figenschou, b. 1861, d. 1919. Farmer and skipper. Married to Anna Marie Falch, b.1863, d. 1894. 2 children. Married for the second time to Nikoline Marie Rønbeck, b. 1872, Hammerfest, 3 children. Married for the third time to Ella Olsen, b.1880. 4 children. Benoni Julius Hammer Figenschou, b. 1866, d. 1910. Married to Jørgine Serine Falck, b. 1860, d. 1942. No children. Kristian Almar Eilert Figenschou, b. 1870, d. 1952. Married to Jensine Marie Mortensen, d. 1920, tailor. 2 children. Married in 1922 to Hildur Riise, b. 1895, 4 children.

Hanna Lovise Figenschou


- Hanna Lovise Figenschou, b. 3/1 1826, Hessfjord. Married in 1853 to Jacob Nicolai Walsøe, b. 26/9 1819, d. 1869, Oslo. 3 daughters, only the oldest, Laura Elisabeth, b. 1854, grew up. Married in 1872 to Hans Andreas Schølberg, b. 1827, Tromsø. No children

Cicilia Kristina Figenschou


- Cicilia Kristina Figenschou, b. 25/10 1828.

Hans Peder Larsen Figenschou


- Hans Peder Larsen Figenschou, b. 30/8 1823, Karlsøy, d. 12/6 1910. Farmer and fisherman. In 1850 he moved to the island of Helgøy, and took over the business. Eventually he bought most of the island from the Klingenberg family, the owners of the island for more than a hundred years. Married in 1844 to Magdalene Withaven Østgaard, b.1815 in Kristiansund, d. 1889. Daughter of Skipper Hans Østgard, Kristansund. 4 children:

Christian Hagbart Figenschou


- Christian Hagbart Figenschou, b. 21/9 1846, Hessfjord, Helgøy, d. 21/9 1939. Known under the name "The Helgøyking". Local merchant, skipper and farmer. A well known character and significant personality, was amongst other things mayor for several periods. Married in 1877 to Hansine Jacobsen, b. 3/12 1850, Tromsøysund, d. 1921. Daughter of Jacob Karl Gregoriussen, Risøy. Six children: Jacob Albert Klingenberg Figenschou, b. 1875. Jolanka Figenschou,b. 1880, d. 2-3 years old. Charles Figenschou, b. 1883, d. 2-3 years old, Charlanka Margrethe Figenschou, b.1885, d. 1978. (named after the dead children) Married to Bjarne Bottolfsen in 1917. Captain. Patriarc at Fugløy. 3 children. Iwan Hagbart Figenschou, b. 1887, d.1941, merchant, Helgøy. Married in 1913 to Ruth Kathrine Jensen, b.1890, Oslo, d. 1954. 7 children. Dimitri Figenschow, b. 1889, d. 1943. Retailer and exporter of fish. Married to Alberthe Hansen, Målselv. 2 children. A son Claus with Anny Olsen outside of wedlock. Married to Florence (Florrie) Sørensen, b.1897, London, d. 1964, Trondheim. She married "Væreieren" at the age of 19. Known by the name "the Mistress by the Sea". 3 children, Florence (Doll) Figenschow, Aud Figenschow, Kristian Fredrik Figenschow.

Lars Heggelund Figenschou


- Lars Heggelund Figenschou, b. 4/6 1848, Hessfjord, Karlsøy, d. 1892. Local merchant, farmer and fisherman, Helgøy. In 1857 he went into trade and started a fishshop at Helgøy together with his brother Christian Hagbart under the name The Figenschou brothers. Married in 1872 to Laura Elisabeth Walsøe, b. 1854 ( his cousine ). Daughter of Hanna Lovise Figenschou and police sergeant Walsøe. After her husband´s death, she was given the permission to retain undivided possession of their estate. Married for the second time to Ole Overaa, b. 1858, Stranda, Sunnmøre. 2 children.

Johanna Margrethe Cemonia Sandvoll Figenschou


- Johanna Margrethe Cemonia Sandvoll Figenschou, b. 27/6 1853, d. 24/1 1940, Kabelvåg. Married to Iver Anton Helt Iversen , b. 5/9 1831, Buksnes, d. 25/7 1926, Kabelvåg. Patriarc and local merchant, Svolvær. 5 children.

Claus Nicolai Figenschou


- Claus Nicolai Figenschou, b. 28/6 1850, Hessfjord, Karlsøy, d. 1926. Fisherman and postopener, Helgøy. Married to Lorentine Olufine Jakobsen, b. 1851, Tromsøysund. Daughter of Jacob Karl Gregoriussen, Risøy. Local merchant and patriarc. He originated from russian anchesters with the name Ponnisaroff? 4 children: Annie, Håkon Magnus, Johanne Aurelie and Henny Clementina. Married again to Leonora Ingvardine Pedersen, b. 12/7 1863, Karlsøy, d. 1945. Claus and Leonoras 8 children together : Paul Emil, Helge Bjørn, Max Henry, Jacob Erling, Aslaug, Rolf Åge, Kristine Otelie.

Annie Figenschou


- Annie Figenschou, b. ...., Helgøy, d. ....Tromsø. Postopener. Known as Anny Olsen. The oldest of Claus and his first wife Lorentine´s four children. She had a son, Claus, with Dimitri Figenschou outside of wedlock. Dimitri wanted to marry her but was not permitted to do so, alledlegly by her father. Dimitri married Florrie. Due to this, Anny took the common name Olsen and never used her christened name again. She stayed unmarried. Claus took the name Figenscou. As a grown man he measured 2 meters. He married Emma, a midwife, they had two children.

Håkon Magnus Figenschow


- Håkon Magnus Figenschow, b. 2/8 1873, Helgøy, d. 28/8 1928. Captain in Vesterålske Dampskipsselskap, later manager. Married to Ursula Margaretha (Marga) Daae, b. 18/6 1879. One son: Arild Figenschow, b. 1918, Trondheim. Manager. Married in 1941 to Gerd Emilie Mortensen, b.1918, Brønnøysund. 5 children.

Johanne Aurelie Figenscou


- Johanne Aurelie Figenscou, b. 31/3 1876, Helgøy, d. 1954. Married to Claus Dreyer, born 1861, Tromsø, d. 1930. Police sergeant in Skjærvøy and Karlsøy. 3 children: Leif Dreyer, b.1898, d. 1981. Married, no children. Ingrid Dreyer, b.1900, d. Oslo. Unmarried. Aase Dreyer, b. 1908, d. 1981. Operating nurse. Married to Olaf Lien, b. 1882, d. 1960.


Henny Clementina Figenschou


- Henny Clementina Figenschou, b. 14/4 1878 Helgøy, Lived in Nybergsund. Married to Willy Kemna, Hamburg, Germany. One child: Ragnhild Richter Kemna, married Schmale.

Paul Emil Figenschou


- Paul Emil Figenschou, b. 19/11 1886, Helgøy. Local merchant, Karlsøy. Was a postopener from 1917 to 1958. Ran A. Dreyers Eftf. (General store and exporter of fish and cod liver oil). Given the King`s Order of Merit in silver, 1958. Married to Agnes Henriksen, d. 29/12 1969. The widow of A. Dreyer. Ten daughters from their marriage. Daughter of goldsmith H. M. Henriksen, Tromsø, and Olufine (Fina) Dahl Heggelund. No children with Paul Emil.

Livius Heggelund Figenschou


- Livius Heggelund Figenschou,b. 28/8 1891, d. 13/2 1969, Skjold, Øverbygd. Depotmanager. Married to Hallgerd Fagerhaug, b. 17/12 1897, d. 22/9 1959, midwife, 3 children: Ola Figenschou, b. 1925, d. 1970. Installation shop in Øverbygd. Married to Anne Marie Karlsen. 2 children. Knut Sverre Figenschou, b. 1926. Married to Ranveig Nilssen, b. 1938. Bjørn Fredrik Håkon Figenschou, b. 1934. Dentist, Tromsø. Married to Birthe Elisabeth Pilegaard, b. 1934, d. 2008. Denmark. Dentist. 3 children, Anne, Christian and Lise.

Helge Bjørn Figenschou


- Helge Bjørn Figenschou, b. 10/7 1893, Helgøy, d. 1928, unmarried.

Max Henry Figenschou


- Max Henry Figenschou, b. 13/2 1896, Helgøy, d. 12/5 1967, fisherman, Langesund, Hansnes. Married to Petra Andrea Hansine Abrahamsen. b.2/7 1897, d. 10/5 1952. Married in 1960 to Olaug Johanna Hansen, b. 21/5 1912, four children: Gunhild Hansine Magdalene Figenschou, b. 1920. Married to Paul Blikfeldt, b. 1915, 3 children. Synnøve Rosalie Figenschou, b. 1924. Salad Waitress, Oslo. Karin Leonore Figenschou, b. 1927. Married to Hjalmar Johan Hansen, b. 1926, 1 child. Helge Magnus Figenschou, b. 1931. Married to Anne Marie Hansen, b. 1936, d. 1974. 2 children.

Jacob Erling Figenschou


- Jacob Erling Figenschou, b. 6/11 1901, Helgøy, d. 15/7 1943, Helgøy. His death was dramatic. At a churchgathering on the islands, a barrel of Metanol washed ashore on the beach from a German ship. Due to second world war and the German occupation of Norway, alcoholic beverages was very hard to come by. The men drank from the liquid they believed was drinkable spirit, and died a painful death after going blind. German ships offered to take them to the nearest hospital, which probably would have saved them. They refused to let the enemy help them. 7 men died that day. This family lost two brothers, father and husband. Jacob Erling was married to Olga Eline Hansen, Målselv. 3 children: Magg-Louise Figenschou, b. 1933. Married to Levald Karlsen, Vannareid, 5 children. Knut Nicolai Figenschou, b. 1935, d. as a bachelor in Australia. Gudmund Charles Figenschou, b.1940. Married to Laura Karlsen, b. 1939. 3 children.

Aslaug Figenschou


- Aslaug Figenschou, b. 18/7 1903. Married to Valentin Storm Børgesen. County doctor. One son: Arne Børgesen, b. 1943.

Rolf Åge Eivind Figenschou


- Rolf Åge Eivind Figenschou, b. 26/9 1905. d. 15/7 1943, Helgøy. Along with over hundred others he and his brother Jacob Erling drank from the poisenous Metanol liquid that drifted ashore in Helgøy that summer day of july 1943 and 7 men died. 75 people was taken to hospital but many suffered life long injuries. Rolf Åge never married.

Kristine Otelie Figenschou


- Kristine Otelie Figenschou (Kristoffersen), b. 3/10 1901, Helgøy, d. 1995, Tromsø. She worked as a maid and cook in Oslo before she got married. Married 2/10 1935 to Karl Kjeldsberg from Harstad, b. 15/7 1904, d. november 1963, Tromsø, one month after his oldest son John`s wedding. Housepainter. He took the name Kristoffersen as a young man. Four children, the oldest son, John Henry, died a few days old. Children:

Bjørg Kari Kristoffersen


- Bjørg Kari Kristoffersen, b. 27/12 1937, Tromsø. Worked as a recepsionist, roommaid, on clam boats. One son, Ketil Davidsson b. 29/1 1960, with David Davidsson. Married 1992 to Hege Bjerkli, b.1965, 2 children, Maiken and Ørjan. Married in 1961 to Sverre Oredalen, b. 11/3 1939, d.1988. Police seargent. Divorced 1973. They had two sons, Tom Oredalen b. 3/1 1962. Two sons, Jørgen, who lives with his mother, and Halvor with Tone. Lives with his family in Svalbard. John Sverre Oredalen b.14/11 1968. Lives with Lene, Policeseargent, Båtsfjord in Finnmark. Bjørg lives in Tromsø and Vannøya.

Kirsten Ivara Kristoffersen


- Kirsten Ivara Kristoffersen, b. 24/4 1941. Stewardess in shipping. Lives with Steinar Tysse b. 12/4 1947, Oilworker, Bergen. They live in the valley of Tysse, outside Bergen. No children.


John Kristoffersen


- John Kristoffersen, b. 14/8 1938, d. 11/6 2008. Tromsø. Architect. One of the first from the northern parts of Norway to get an education as an architect in the university of Trondheim (NTH). After he finished his studies he was recruited to work professionally as an architect in his hometown. Amongst other things he designed Nordlysplanetariet, parts of the University Hospital and Culturehouse of Tromsø. Married 21/9 1963 to Lydia Opøien, b. 9/7 1943, Trondheim. Teacher. Daughter of Per Opøien, b. 3/10 1914, d. 1980, Trondheim, journalist, and Inger Johanne Opøien, b. 20/6 1918, Trondheim. 2 daughters:

Kaja Kristine Kristoffersen


- Kaja Kristine Kristoffersen, b. 16/3 1969, Trondheim. Professional gymnasist as a young girl. Naturetheraphist and student. Lives with Asbjørn Larsen, b. 1963. Freelancer and Cafemanager. No common children. Larsen has two children, Talina and Patrick, from a previous relationship. Lives in Tromsø.

Hanne Lydia Opøien Kristoffersen


- Hanne Lydia Opøien Kristoffersen, b. 3/9 1964, Trondheim, later Tromsø. Lives and works in Oslo. Artist. One daughter, Johanne Pernille Berg Kristoffersen, b. 16/11 1985. Married 21/6 1997 to Paul Jonathan Dring, b. 1/8 1966, one common son Carl. Divorced. Lives with Gunnar Holm, born 6/4 1964. No children.

Johanne Pernille Berg Kristoffersen


- Johanne Pernille Berg Kristoffersen, b. 16/11 1985, Tromsø. Lives in Trondheim. Daughter of Hanne L. O. Kristoffersen and Henrik Andreas Berg, b. 28/4 1966, Tromsø. Two sons with Kathinka Mehn Andersen, Aksel Berg Mehn Andersen. b. 8/2 1997 and Eivind. Lives alone with his two sons in Bergen.

Carl Ernest Kristoffersen Dring


- Carl Ernest Kristoffersen Dring, b. 25/5 1998, Oslo. Son of Hanne L. O. Kristoffersen and Paul Jonathan Dring. Lives 50% with his father and wife, Synnøve and her daughter Hannah, 50% with his mother and cohibiter Gunnar Holm in Oslo.




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